A good citizen has to imbibe many qualities. To become a good citizen or to make a good citizen in any state. He has to follow so many qualities. He has to respect others like poor people and labourers etc. And he has to follow his responsibilities to become a good citizen. He has to help the people. And the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or the state of being whole and undivided. To be a good person or good citizen anywhere at any time to be a good attitude and he has to respect others. Why respecting others and all qualities important to being a good citizen in a good citizen is also normally he a type of person who works hard, who helps others, and who respects the laws. Are very very important to be a good citizen. A good citizen is a responsibility of so many members of a family and a conscious ( aware ya d responding to one’s surroundings and Having knowledge of something ) person of a society. It is very important to become a good citizen. Because they have mainly the development of the nation. And he also has rights to participate in political, social, affairs of the nation, legal and religious etc. And he has to always think about the development of the nation or society. To become a good citizen he has to become active and strong in both at home and in society. To be a good citizen he has to do be honest and trustworthy. He has always been honestly from others. And able to be relied on as honest or truthful. And he has to follow rules and laws of the country. He has to respect poverty (an attribute, quality, or characteristic of land or house etc.. something ). And he has to respect the rights of others and also compassionate ( felling or showing sympathy and concern for others ). And he has to ready to sacrifice his life for the country. He also is vigilant against the enemies of the country and does not help the enemies of the country. Not to do something that may help the enemies of the country. And he has clung to high ideas about the development of the country and society. He also has to love his nation and country. he also must keep in mind the future of our country. He must also respect the institutions of his country or nation. He also respects other faiths. etc…. these are some qualities that make good citizens.

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