Respect Flag And our Nation – Responsibility of a Citizen by Manisha

Responsibilities of a citizen in keeping India A Republic Country

“Respect Flag And our Nation”.
Why we will celebrate Nation Festival On Three Coloured Flag only. This doubt can a Few people. But, In our Three Coloured Flag have a Beauty And Attractiveness. In our Flag have not only a Beauty, Attractiveness, but Will also has A Self-respect, solidarity, Dharma and sovereign have to reflect In Our Flag.
If will you say on One sentence on our Flag and our Country, “Respect serene colours that Reflect the Aspirations of the Indian Flag.
In our Nation Flag have three colours .they are:-
(Blue is on ASHOKA CHAKRaM )
* ORANGE coloured Reflects people’s scarifies, Self-respect in orange coloured.
*WHITE  Independent means Honesty, Trust, Probate, Reflects on White colour on middle colour on our national flag.
*GREEN  colour Reflects that on our Nature Beauty and Greenery paddy is Reflects on the green colour.
Human Honesty is Reflects on our King “Raja Ashoka Chakravarthy “, “Dharma chakram “, is on Blue coloured Honesty reflects on it.
On August 14th Midnight 12:00 after we will get Independence on our country.
15th August day morning our Governer office and Redfort we will host a Nation Flag. On August 15th Host a Flag after we will sing a National Anthem.

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