Life during Lockdown by Dandu Gunavardhini

The world now is going through a pandemic situation, which is increasing day-by-day. The virus which is causing the havoc COVID-19 is termed as Novel Coronavirus is spreading at an increased rate and causing the death of many people. It caused great panic among the people.



China, the most populated country had been the first target of the virus. Scientists assume that this virus was first developed in snakes or bats and then appeared in human when consumed. The virus was initially developed in the city Wuhan from where many people travelled across many countries unknowingly that they are carrying the coronavirus. COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused due to the affected person’s droplets from the mouth (while sneezing or spitting), and nose (sputum). So, maintaining a social distance of at least 1 meter or 3 feet with the unwell people is necessary. People got aware of the disease and started using masks to cover mouth and nose, using sanitizer to sanitize their hands at any place, washing their hands frequently for at least 20 secs.


The people who stay in foreign countries got frightened and started to rush to their nations. The government became alert at this point and they arranged the quarantine homes in the city outskirts. Here the people who came from other countries are put under observation up to 14 days.



To control COVID-19 the government of INDIA had announced lockdown themselves (self-quarantine) is being followed to date. Lockdown is a very disadvantageous procedure where all the industries, malls, restaurants, temples, etc gets closed. No one should not go to their workplace and must stay at their home. No person is eligible to roam outside after 6:00 in the evening.




List of advantages during a lockdown:


  • Lockdown is also a kind of vacation for many people.
  • One can spend a lot of time with their family.
  • People may use their time to memorize all the past incidents and get nostalgic.
  • One can get quality time to spend with their loved ones.
  • Students and people who stay in hostels for studies and job purposes respectively will have the best opportunity to enjoy the homely environment. They feel very happy as they can eat home food prepared by their mothers.


  • Children can use their time to know new things in which they show much interest such as music, dance, creative skills, cooking, physical fitness (Zumba, aerobics, exercises).
  • People who show much interest in gardening can feel very lucky as this can be their precious time. They can spend most of the time by sowing seeds, planting trees, watering and plantations taking care at most. They can sow seeds and make their leafy vegetables, legumes, etc.


List of disadvantages during a lockdown:


  • Lockdown causes a huge loss in the economy of the country.
  • No production is processed and no products are formed as all the factories, companies, industries are closed.
  • The labourers who work at construction sites are also not offered any work to be done to get their daily wages.
  • Many employees are not receiving their full salaries due to lockdown this can cause household problems.
  • Farmers are selling their products to the government at a very low cost.
  • 10th class students appearing for the SSC board exams are disappointed as the exams got postponed.

  • Many other primary and secondary education students are feeling bore by staying in the home all these days.
  • Students are at a loss as the schools are also closed, they utilize most of the time in Smartphone.


  • All the competitive exams got postponed. This may be an advantage and also a disadvantage.
  • As there is a shortage of groceries people started to rush to the supermarkets and form a queue for buying them



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