There is a specific meaning of success and how to become a successful person. But some great people tried to explain success and found the meaning of success. That is “THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED WHAT YOU WANT “.
Not only this but also said some secrets of success from experienced life. There are no great secrets of success but they thought that there is something special in various things. For example ” TREE ” it will grow from plant to tree. It has so many difficulties at every stage like water insufficient, climate changes etc. But it will overtake all the conditions to become a tree. Great people thought positive and said so many secrets from nature and earth.
 To become a successful person one should think in a positive way and neglect negative things from which you are focused. Let us learn positive things from over home: those are roof said that aim high like it, the fan said that be cool and keep going, the clock said that every second is precious and do working, Mirror said that reflect before you act, the window said that see the world act as a present, the calendar said that be up – to – date and do hard work day – to – day, Door said that push hard to achieve your goals because no one else is going to do it for you. No one will become easily succeed because “SUCCESS FULL PEOPLE ARE NOT GIFTED; THEY JUST WORK HARD THEN SUCCEED ON PURPOSE“.
 The people who prepare a specific schedule and proceed at per schedule. By doing this sometimes people maybe fail. But don’t think it is a dead end. There are a million ways to become a success. Think that due way is closed but there are other thousands of ways to succeed. Feel that ” FAILURE IS the FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS AND KEEP GOING”. The opposite word of success is a failure, but in reality “ FAILURE IS NOT OPPOSITE OF SUCCESS; IT’S A PART OF SUCCESS“.
 Some people or society says some works are bad. If you think the aim is good and which you can do a better job, then don’t think about others, focus on your aim or goal. ” WORK HARD DREAM BIGGER AND BE THE BEST”. Now – a – days students are focus on studies by their parents and teachers. Aim a goal which you like and better for you. Parents don’t force you to achieve your goals by your children. ‘If a student does hard work up to 20 years then he can live happily for up to 80 years. If not need to do hard work for up to 80 years. “GREAT THINGS NEVER COME FROM COMFORT ZONES“.
 To become a successful student first the student want to aim for a goal. Don’t take any step without aiming a goal. And prepare a schedule and do hard work. The student doesn’t be lazy to be active. If you had any failure don’t step back, try to step forward. ” WORK FOR IT MORE THAN YOU HOPE FOR SUCCESS”. If you got any small job don’t think you are so great, think about how to get a big job as much as possible. “DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE GREAT”. If you got good and better which is enough for you. Don’t say ‘ I got a good job ‘ to other people. The success only says to them about you. ” WORK HARD IN SILENCE LET SUCCESS MAKE THE NOISE“.
 ” There are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure” but some secrets of great people are said to be secrets of success full people, those are
• They begin with a small idea, a single first step and a deepest desire and belief to make it happen.
• They know that everyday victories matter so much more than once in a lifetime milestone.
• They know that not every day has to be awesome. But they need to do something awesome every day.
• They know that they can’t compare their goals and achievements with others.
• They know that success is a combination of failure, fears, determination, passion and most importantly gratitude.
 ” TRY AND TRY UNTIL YOU GET SUCCESS ” Don’t stop when you fail. Wait for success it takes time. ” SUCCESS DOESN’T COME TO YOU, YOU GO TO IT “. Finally, you will get success. But people won’t see your struggle they will only see your success and they feel that is too easy.
 It is strongly believed that success doesn’t come easily. The steps by which you need to go are :
• Ideas ( to solve identified problems ).
• Persists ( throughout failure ).
• Work ( very hard not easy, but fun ).
• Improve ( yourself and what you do ).
• Focus ( in order to master, one thing at a time ).
• Passion ( do it for the love, not for the money ).
• Push ( yourself through shyness and self-doubt ).
• serve(others something of value ).
       By doing the above things anyone can achieve their goals and become a successful person.

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