Secrets of a Successful Student By Venkata Sai Neeharika Motkuri

“Success” means differently to different people. As for a businessman success means his company making its way to the first position, for a shopkeeper it means to attract more customers and make an honest living, but as for a student achieving success means by performing better than his or her peers and even themselves of their past performance. Everyone’s success depends on different and various factors. Following are the secrets of success; any students can achieve success by adopting these secrets.


Goal: One has to set a goal and work towards achieving the goal. While setting a goal it can be higher than that of the last one. Suppose if we score 70 marks aim at 80 or 90


Determination: If we really wish to achieve success we have to be strongly determined and we have to have faith in ourselves.


Effort: When we have a strong determination we have to make an equally strong effort for it i.e. when simply said, it is to work hard.


Stress-Free: Don’t stress ourselves. Concentrating on our studies is what one has to do the most and stress will not help us with that. So, to be a stress-free study in a calm and peaceful environment and listen to some relaxing music. Yoga can be a helpful practice. We can also do the things you feel relaxing and stress relieving while doing such things.


Scheduling: Prepare ourselves a study schedule and make an attempt to follow the same strictly. This helps us save time and also we can cover all the subjects needed to be covered in the scheduled time.


Text Book Reading: Make habit of reading our class and subject-specific textbooks thoroughly first. This helps us remember all the key and main points of the concept which will make it easier for us to read the class workbook later. Also, as most of us, the students from class sixth onwards are given just running notes or key points of concepts instead of question and answers, they must make a habit of textbook reading. Some students have a habit of reading storybooks before sleeping, it will be also a useful habit.


Learn -it- your –way: Each of us students has a different way of learning and remembering things. We can do it our way but remember never make a habit or practice of rote learning which will destroy our ways to think critically and understanding the concept. Hence understanding the concepts and formula is essential. Better we start from the interested and hardest subject and we go to the easiest one in covering all the subjects.


Revision: Revise every concept we are taught that same day for at least fifteen minutes each. This will reduce our workload as the exams get nearer and we will be prepared for surprise tests. Now we just need to revise before the exam and it is done.

Confidence: Be confident, because there is no question we do not know about or no concept we are not taught. Also, remember that to be just confident does not mean overconfident.


It is not that we can achieve success only by following these secrets of success, but one can try these. Instead, we can also find our own way of achieving our success, but determination and efforts are critical in other ways that we try to achieve success.

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